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Hi MegaPoke gamers!

What offers Pokeing:

- Stable dedicated server
- Frequent update
- Great map

... and many, many more. Join us today!

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Latest News

3 Apr 2022

Hello players, new opening of the Pokemon Ingenious again!

Server is not still full functionally but we hope that you will help us to repair bugs by reporting.

After hacker crack we have backed the version form some weeks and not all is full functionally.

Please be patient and w8 changes!



3 Nov 2020

Development of MegaPoke

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Short information about improvement of Pokeing

Welcome to .~:¨MegaPoke¨:~.
Last joined us: Ash Katchum, player number 284. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Green Monster (Level 80). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome To Pokemon Mega!
Free Houses: 570
Rented Houses: 42
Accounts in database: 6949
Players in database: 284
Banned accounts: 0
Guilds in database: 1

Happy Easter 2017 (3.4.2022)
Author: Tommy

We wish all our players "HAPPY EASTER!"

Pokemon Ingenious

AFK Arena (3.4.2022)
Author: Tommy

We have added something new on our server:

On this arena players who stay there and rest during playing will get 1exp for each 10 seconds.

You can also check your friend where they are with command "!afk".

Your support, Good Playing!

Happy Easter 2016 (3.4.2022)
Author: Tommy

Happy Easter 2016

Traditionally we give you a contest in this time. We add to pokemons a special @egg@ loot.

Please collect them during Easter Time and bring to NPC Easter Egg Collector. You will get as following:

5 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 1 (ask about "prize one")
10 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 2 (ask about "prize two") 
15 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 3 (ask about "prize three")
20 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 4 or simple stones in 3pack (ask about "prize four" to "prize ten")
25 easter eggs of each colour 1 Dragon Scale, 1 Magmarizer, 10 rare candy (ask about "prize eleven")
30 easter eggs of each colour - 1 Shining Ice Stone, 10 rare candy (ask about "prize twelve")

40 easter eggs of each colour 1 pokemon prize box Vip (ask about "prize vip")
50 easter eggs of each colour 1 Boost Stone (ask about "prize boost")
100 easter eggs of each colour - 1 Boost Stone, 1 pokemon prize box Vip, 10 rare candy (ask about "prize pack")


It is not all! In period from 25.03.2016 to 28.03.2016 you get 100% more shop points for your donations! RUN and BUY!

Hello! (3.11.2020)
Author: Tommy

Pokeing is alive!

Santa Claus (19.3.2017)
Author: Tommy

Meet the Santa Claus today! HE bring some present to You!

Santa Claus

Presents are in levels group as like:

5lvl- 20lvl - random pokemon or item: bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle , totodile , chikorita, cyndaquil, treecko, torchic, mudkip, snivy, tepig, marill, aipom, phanpy, togepi, box1, + 10 pokebals. Levels of pokemons from 5lvl to 20lvl.

21lvl - 45lvl - random pokemon or item: ivysaur, wartortle, charmeleon, bayleef, quilava, croconaw, grovyle, combusken, marshtomp, servine, pignite, ariados, flaaffy, dragonair, crawdaunt, nuzleaf, box2, + 15 great balls. Levels of pokemons from 21lvl to 45 lvl.

46lvl- 70lvl- random pokemon or item: charizard, blastoise, venusaur, meganium, typhlosion, feraligatr, sceptile, swampert, blaziken, emboar, serperior, donphan, umbreon, espeon, jolteon, vaporeon, flareon, box3, + 15 super balls. Levels of pokemons from 46lvl to 70lvl

71lvl -100lvl - random pokemon or item: gengar, dragonite, flygon, salamence, electabuzz, magmar, stantler, ampharos, sudowoodo, slowking, claydol, poliwrath, gyarados,box4 + 15 ultra balli.

101lvl- 200lvl - random pokemon or item: snorlax, dragonite, salamence, stantler, porygon2, tropius, wailord, flygon, arcanine, lapras, kangaskhan, alakazam, 10 rare candy, + 15 ultra balls.



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Best players

  • Green Monster
    Level: 80
  • Voll Zion
    Level: 55
  • Kali
    Level: 53
  • Jura
    Level: 52
  • Ash Ketchum
    Level: 51