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Happy Easter 2016

Traditionally we give you a contest in this time. We add to pokemons a special @egg@ loot.

Please collect them during Easter Time and bring to NPC Easter Egg Collector. You will get as following:

5 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 1 (ask about "prize one")
10 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 2 (ask about "prize two") 
15 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 3 (ask about "prize three")
20 easter eggs of each colour - BOX 4 or simple stones in 3pack (ask about "prize four" to "prize ten")
25 easter eggs of each colour 1 Dragon Scale, 1 Magmarizer, 10 rare candy (ask about "prize eleven")
30 easter eggs of each colour - 1 Shining Ice Stone, 10 rare candy (ask about "prize twelve")

40 easter eggs of each colour 1 pokemon prize box Vip (ask about "prize vip")
50 easter eggs of each colour 1 Boost Stone (ask about "prize boost")
100 easter eggs of each colour - 1 Boost Stone, 1 pokemon prize box Vip, 10 rare candy (ask about "prize pack")


It is not all! In period from 25.03.2016 to 28.03.2016 you get 100% more shop points for your donations! RUN and BUY!

Posted on: 2017-03-19 17:09:05



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